Medical Qigong Master (MQM)

Prerequisite: MQP and MQT
1000 hour Program

An amazing journey from Yang to Yin in the nature of training. Aways major growth for all.
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Medical Qigong Master (MQM)

This is a 1000 hour certification programs,  which its foundation consists of an additional 160 hours of direct in person instruction with Dr. Shannon over five 5-day intensive seminars which are held every other month.

Program Overview:  

The MQM is a 1000 hour Program that builds on the foundation of the MQP and MQT programs.  Students delve into more advanced topics on energetic alchemy, energetic anatomy and physiology and gain a deeper understanding of integrating Medical Qigong practices within the context of Oncology.

Many students report that this Program is the favorite part of their training at the IMQC due to the emphasis on self-cultivation. Quite a bit of time is spent discussing and working with spiritual disorders as well as other more advanced issues.

Exams within this program will include written, oral, and practical examinations plus skillset competencies.  There are also Additional Requirements for this program that are to be completed outside of class.

Access to online course material will be discontinued 90 days past the last program course attended. However, if students continue enrollment in their program or enroll in the next level of training, then they will have continued access to previous online course material. For students who discontinue their enrollment but want continued access to online course material  Click here.

This program is designed to be completed within one year.  Students who are unable to complete the requirements within the year of enrollment have an additional 12 months after their last Seminar to complete any program requirements. At the end of that time, students wishing to return for training or to submit Additional Requirements will need to file for an Extension or will consider to be withdrawn from the Program.

Students must have successfully completed all required seminars in the Medical Qigong Practitioner (MQP) and Medical Qigong Therapist (MQT) programs prior to entering the MQM program.  Additional Requirements for those previous programs do not have to be completed at the time of enrollment,

Overview of Seminars and Requirements:  

M1 - Introduction to Chinese Energetic Alchemy
M2 - Energetic Anatomy and Physiology
M3 - Medical Qigong and Oncological Disorders
M4 - Medical Qigong and Spiritual Disorders
M5 - Internship and Final Examination for MQM 

MQM Additional Requirements

Each program has Additional Requirements in addition to the required Seminars.  Additional Requirements for the MQM program are below.

Practicum Hours MQP - 200 hours

200 Hours of Practicum Hours must be logged and verified before the Medical Qigong Master Certificate can be awarded. These are hours in addition to the Practicum hours required for the MQP and MQT program. 

Learning to become a Medical Qigong practitioner requires practice. Every time you work with a client, the academic and theoretical knowledge gained in the Medical Qigong courses is put into practical application. Each Medical Qigong Program requires a certain number of Practicum hours.  These are documented hours working with clients.  Once students have completed “P2 Introduction to Medical Qigong Assessment and Protocols”, they are expected to begin practicing the General Protocol. As students gain experience and attend more advanced courses, their knowledge of Medical Qigong will increase, as will their abilities to assess and work with more challenging cases.

Practicum hours cannot not include hours spent working on fellow students within class, or hours spent during P5, T5, or M5 Internships. They can include hours spent working on fellow students after regular class hours.  An important part of learning to work with clients, however, is learning to adjust and learn from new situations, new people, and new issues.  For this reason, the student is strongly encouraged to work with a wide range of people while going through the Program. The student is expected to keep documentation on clients, including client histories, protocols used, and self-care exercises. Students are responsible for finding their own volunteers or clients with whom they will log their Practicum hours.

Practicum hours must be logged on the IMQC Practicum Log form and signed by the practice clients. Once the required number of hours has been logged, the completed Practicum Logs should be turned into the Administrative Assistant.  Program certificates will not be issued until Practicum hours are submitted.  Ideally, Practicum hours are turned in before the final seminar is completed, however students have up to 12 months after the end of the program to submit Practicum logs. Students who are not able to turn in their Practicum hours within 12 months must file for an extension.

If you are in a country that forbids the use of a visible sign in sheet for privacy reasons, you must still use a Practicum Log.  List your clients by initials instead of names.   Have them initial instead of sign. 

Taiji, Bagua, or Internal Martial Art - 35 hours

Students desiring the MQM Program Certificate are required to take at least 35 hours of additional training in some form of internal martial art such as Taiji/taichi, Bagua or other internal martial art.  Courses in other qigong systems do not meet this requirement. 

Students may take classes in Taichi, Bagua or other internal martial art at any accredited or non-accredited university. Courses approved for 3 semester credits will be accepted.

Students may do private tutoring with a martial artist designated by the IMQC as a Content Expert. Content Experts must provide documentation showing that they are qualified to teach the art for which they are providing instruction. The Content Expert must submit a written signed affidavit after the instruction verifying that the instruction took place. 

All Content Experts must be pre-approved by the IMQC ahead of time, and documentation must be provided to verify the Content Expert meets requirements. 

Advanced Chinese Medicine Theory - 45 hours

Students desiring the MMQ Program Certificate are required to take 45 hours of Advanced Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory. The student has several options for meeting this requirement and can chose the option that best suites his/her situation.

This class can be taken onsite at the ICMQ when it is offered.

Students may also meet this requirement at any accredited college or university, including online options. Courses in TCM that are approved for 2-3 semester credits will be accepted. 

This requirement may also be taken online. Online courses offered by NCCAOM PDA providers can be used to meet this requirement.

BLS/Basic Life Support - 4 hours 

Students desiring the MQM Program Certificate are required to become certified in Basic Life Support through either the Red Cross, or the American Heart Association with in-person testing. 

Course reviews

 I would offer thoughts on this remarkable experience, but I cannot get words to coalesce into enough coherency.  My mind is adrift and quiet.

2024 Masters Dates

The IMQC admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities general accorded or made available to students at the school. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, and athletic and other school administered programs.
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