Temple of Peace and Virtue 

Traditional Daoist Training

What is Dao?

Dao, a singular Chinese character, translates to road, path, or the way. However, in spite of this simplicity, untold number of volumes over the past millennia have been written to delineate its meaning.

I express it as such: Daoism is the indigenous religion of China. Its primary goal is to cultivate a balanced life in relation to Heaven, Earth, and Man. This is done through following the will of Heaven, living in harmony with nature, and acting with virtue towards all.
The first chapter of the Dao De Jing 道德经 says the Dao that can be spoken is not the true Dao. In Red Pine’s translation, he says, “In its elusiveness and namelessness, we can approach it through De 德. De means "virtue’: in the sense of ‘moral character’ as well as ‘power to act:'“

He continues, “De is our entrance to the Dao. De is what we cultivate. Laozi's Virtue, however, isn't the virtue of adhering to a moral code but action that involves no moral code, no self, no other- no action. 

Yán Língqiān 严灵牵 says, “Virtue is the manifestation of the Way. The Way is what Virtue contains. Without the Way, Virtue would have no power. Without Virtue, the Way would have no appearance." 

“What we cultivate – Laozi's Virtue, however, isn't the virtue of adhering to a moral code but action that involves no moral code, no self, no other- no action,” furthers Red Pine.
Disciples at Qingcheng Mountain
Master Qiu, who taught me many talismans
Teaching the Dragon Gate Sect lineage
My favorite Daoist Disciple, my son in 2018.
Master Zhang Mingxin, my root Daoist teacher
Master Yuan, my Medical Talisman teacher.
A healing talisman taught
Master Qiu, who taught me many talismans
Master Wu  Minghua, my alchemy teacher.

Daoist Training

For the last several years, I have refrained from teaching many mystical/magical practices (玄学 xuán xúe). I have done this with intention of helping our disciples develop a greater connection to Heaven, Earth, and Humanity and divest their hearts and minds of the vices and superfluities of life. 

I believe it is from this vantage point that the mystical/magical practices (玄学 xuán xúe) will have their most efficacy. I want to share these practices as a Lineage transmission (师承 shī chéng) not just as a function of the acquired mind collecting information.

I realize that time, distance, and resources are not our allies in this regard, which makes this more challenging and requires more diligence and sobriety for success.

While Zoom training is the most convenient the deepest meanings are grasped by an on-site immersive experience. This allows you to bathe in  and absorb the teachings without distractions, which creates a more opportune setting for  life changing events to take place as you are in a dynamic, focused group environment.

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It is clear to me that Dr. Shannon is a true Qigong and Daoist Master. It is easy to see the fruition of his many years of practice through his deep understanding.

When he teaches, I feel engaged intellectually and emotionally, and as though I am being bathed in energy. An example of his skill is that he can change the energy in the room or within any of the students at will and with ease.

I look forward to future trainings.
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