Who We Are

The International Medical Qigong College is open to all who are interested in Chinese energetic medicine. Whether you are a health care professional, a student of Western or Chinese medicine, or you just sense a calling, you are welcome here. 

An environment of growth, healing and awareness is available at the International Medical Qigong College, which allows the student to go beyond a sense of limitation and take charge of their life by balancing body, mind and spirit.

We are a 501(c)(3) federal non-profit public benefit corporation.
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Our Logo

This image is a stylized representation of the Chinese character Dao 道.

It symbolizes the slow consolidation of Yin (in red) as it descends from the Heavens. The unformed Yang (colorless) is unrestrained as it is pure. The Yin and Yang merge to form the Taiji symbol, which represents the interaction of duality. The line beneath represents the path that we all walk on our journey through life. 

Its Origin

In early 2004, I saw this image repeated on a cape worn by a 60 foot tall Taishang Laojun (the immortalized Laozi) while riding on a water buffalo whose horns were so big that gaping holes had to be cut from the walls of the pagoda styled Laojun Ge Temple which resides on the highest peak of Qingcheng mountain 青城山 .

In 2006, when instructed to start a temple by my Daoist Master Teacher Zhang Mingxin 张明心, the Chief Abbot of the mountain, I sought and was given permission for use. I wanted to continue the energy and traditions of the mountain here and what better way than to use the depth and profundity that this represents.

In late spring 2008 there was a major earthquake in that region and while no one on the mountain was seriously hurt, The Laojun Ge Temple was damaged. Once restored a few years later, Laojun atop a water buffalo was no more. Now sits Laojun atop a thousand pedaled lotus. His magnificent cape lost now to time.
As I walked out the door toward the gate that would lead to my freedom, I knew if I didn't leave my bitterness and hatred behind, I'd still be in prison.
Nelson Mandela
Our philosophy

Healing ourselves, healing others

The depth of knowledge to be gained from spiritual, medical, and martial traditions is profound. The deepest meanings are beyond words and can only be grasped by direct experience. Even with partial understanding, life changing events take place.

We offer opportunities to become rooted in spirit, firmly established within the Three Treasures of Heaven, Earth, and Person, and to manifest the subtle mechanics of structural alignment, profound breathwork, and a clear still mind.

The promises of healing in presence and ability that are expressed within the Classics of Chinese medicine are made available to all.  

The roots of the ancient medical qigong tradition are the direct experiences of early practitioners of spiritual Daoism, shamanism, and of the internal Chinese martial arts. In accord with these roots,

Dr. Shannon’s experience as a Daoist Priest, and Shifu/Sifu of Chinese martial arts enable him to deeply enrich the training of medical qigong students. 
“I have always believed, and I still believe, that whatever good or bad fortune may come our way we can always give it meaning and transform it into something of value.”
Dr. Bernard Shannon, DMQ, DTCM (China)
2014 - Teaching Energetic Thrusting
2004 - Xiyuan Hospital Internship
2004 - Treating Patients at Xiyuan Hospital
2004 - Recieving DMQ from Dr. Teng and Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson
2004 - Teaching an American Qigong tour at Xiyuan Hospital
2005 - Jerry and I treating liver cancer at Henan Cancer Hospital
2005 - Signing sister school agreement with Henan Univeristy of TCM
2005 - Teaching Daoist Stepping Patterns at Longhu Shan 
2005 - Teaching Talismans at Longhu Mountain 
2016 - Sharing our Daoist lineage
2011 - Ordination ceremony for disciples at QingCheng Mountain
2016 - Performing Blessing Ceremony 
2016 - Performing Blessing Ceremony 
2016 - Meditating on Wuyi Mountain

Having studied for over 35 years, Dr. Bernard Shannon is an internationally recognized teacher of Medical Qigong, Daoist alchemical and mystical practices, and martial concepts. He is the Executive Director of the International Medical Qigong College, an ordained Daoist priest and the Abbot of the Temple of Peace and Virtue.

National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

All Courses are PDA approved.

PDA Provider #710. Each curriculum course qualifies for 27.5 hours Oriental Medicine (OM).

American Organization for Bodywork Therapies of Asia

Certified Instructor

The Certified Instructor membership is reserved for the highly experienced and skilled instructor that is able to teach all aspects of the Chinese Medical theory and ABT Form requirements of an ABT program.

National Qigong Association

Qigong Senior Teacher &
Senior Clinical Practitioner

The highest level of certification/recognition of the NQA and denotes wisdom, insight, Qi transmission, and the embodiment of the Qi State in the teacher’s field. 
husband, father, teacher, healer

Dr. Bernard Shannon 至厚道长,
DTCM, DMQ (China)

The journey started early in questioning the orthodoxy of tradition. When at university, I met Tony Gneck, a martial arts instructor, who later became a mentor and a friend. He introduced me to a “oneness” style of meditation and like a moth to a flame I was done. 

Regardless of my work in the corporate world, as a special education teacher, in the military, or now, the compulsion for stillness, vibration, and light that Tony instilled has been a continual thread. It has shaped my life. Looking back, I can easily see that I have been blessed by many gifted and profound teachers, including Professor Jerry Alan Johnson, Sifu John Bracy, Abbot Zhang Mingxin, Abbot Wu Minghua, Abbot Yuan Zhidui, and Master Duan Zhiliang.

It is said that the author of China's oldest herbal text, stated the highest medicine helped humans fulfill their destiny, the middle helped nourish original nature, and the lowest treated physical illness. 

In my clinical work and teaching, I share the same — wanting others to touch the ineffable through these three medicines.

When your mind is detached, simple, quiet, then all things can exist in harmony, and you can begin to perceive the subtle truth.
Laozi, HHC, 25
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Our Location

The Property

We are located one hour from Nashville on 369 acres in rural Tennessee. 

Each five-day intensive seminar becomes a retreat-like getaway, allowing for solitude and immersion into nature with time and space for study and practice. Walking trails, flowing creeks, and secluded hills provide a serene environment to cultivate and assimilate the teachings. Guests are welcome to arrive early or stay a few extra days if the class schedule and capacity allows for it.

The land allows for direct contact with all the elemental forces as well as embraces an historic 3.8-mile deep saltpeter spring cave perfect for isolated meditation practices. A 3-acre spring fed pond provides for quiet reflection while gazing upon its still surface. Natural springs provide water and natural cliffs and rolling hills provide space and solitude for dissolving into the wonders of the mysteries we study and cherish. 

The Qi House

For students wishing to stay on the property, our Qi House, a 5-bedroom 3-bathroom house, offers communal housing with 12 beds and a full kitchen for student use.
Grocery stores such as Sprouts, Kroger’s and Publix and a variety of restaurants are about a half hour away by car. For those who prefer hotels or Air BnB’s, they are a similar distance.
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