Practitioner series - P1

Introduction to Medical Qigong

Whether for your own benefit or you want to become a Medical Qigong Practitioner and help others. This course is what you need and where to start.
  • (First Offering) Monday, February 10 - Friday, February 14, 2025 
  • In-Person Intensive Seminar
  • Prerequisite: None other than an earnest desire to learn
  • NCCAOM PDA/CEU: 32 hours
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Course Overview

This first course introduces students to Medical Qigong theory and teaches them exercises that are designed to heal the body, calm the mind, and connect with spirit. Students learn a highly transformative qigong set that they can use for their own personal cultivation.

Medical Qigong exercises will be taught that help the body correct both physical and energetic imbalances. Students are introduced to the basic theories of energy tonification, purgation, and regulation. 

Students will begin to use these theories and specific qigong exercises to work with their own body's organs and energy channels, as well as to strengthen the body's protective energy field (Wei Qi).

P1 is offered twice a year, once in February and once in March. You only need to take it once and can chose the time that is best for you. 

  • Demonstrate healing sounds, and several Medical Qigong exercises (Daoist Five Set, Golden Ball).
  • List the five elements, and the associated organs, colors, acquired emotions, virtues. 
  • Discuss the concept of the human soul and its components from a Daoist or Chinese Medical perspective. 
  • Categorize qigong exercise according to the three regulations. 

  • NCCAOM Attestation

Student Feedback

He exceeded my expectations! His knowledge of the subject and communication skills, especially his sense of humor. I didn’t think the training was going to be this in depth. I now have a much stronger awareness of my energetic body and Qi - a greater understanding of how I can control the flow of Qi.
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