Doctoral series - D6


In union of stillness and clarity, from within to without. Only vastness. There is no mind. 

  • Monday, November  9 - Friday, November  13, 2026
  • In-Person Instensive Seminar
  • Prerequisite: MQP,  MQT, MQM, and D1 - D5 with the IMQC. If wish to enroll and you have trained with someone else, please contact us.
  •  NCCAOM PDA/CEU: 32 hours
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Course Overview

Our last program seminar. Our journey is both concluding and yet another door opens to a new beginning. 
For students who worked with diligence, a permanent shift of consciousness occurred. Easily drawing from the elements of Earth and Heaven, not ubiquitous and vague, but the very specific frequency needed, cultivation and treatments forever changed.
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