Doctoral series - D4

Dissolving into Clarity

Veils of the mundane slip away
  • Monday, March  23 - Friday, March  27, 2026
  • In-Person Intensive Seminar
  • Prerequisite: MQP,  MQT, MQM, and D1 - D3 with the IMQC. If wish to enroll and you have trained with someone else, please contact us.
  • NCCAOM PDA/CEU: 32 hours
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Dissolving into Clarity

Course Overview

In stillness clarity is found and the elements will begin to assemble. Assembling the elements requires the extraction of Virtue (integrity, wisdom, compassion, tranquility, trust) from the midst of acquired emotions (grief, fear, anger, joy, worry). The prenatal five elements nurture each other, whereas the postnatal overcome each other (T3). 

The prenatal Virtues of the five elements are not physical energy (sexual energy or sperm). But, the energies of the organs are. Whatever is physical is acquired. It becomes, and so also decays.

As the veils fall away, see the Jing, Qi, and Shen roots of maladies.

In this seminar, we will introduce new levels of Neigong for cultivation and clinical techniques while prior skills continue refining, to include the development of Respect and releasing the Acquired through Interception of Karma.
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