09-10-2018 - 09-14-2018

This course delves deeper into the diagnostic systems and
treatment principles within Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Adjunct therapeutic techniques are explored as well as advanced and applied channel theory. Tongue and pulse diagnosis are also introduced.

This seminar is not required, but meets the additional requirement for the Masters of Medical Qigong Certification program.

This class will be taught by Michael Sweeney, DTCM, DMQ (China) LAc.

For questions, contact Michael at 707.843.3957

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11-16-2018 9:00 am - 11-20-2018 5:00 pm

This 5-day seminar will be the culminating event for the MMQ Program. Beyond the theoretical and practical exams, it offers the student exposure and first hand experience of medical qigong diagnoses and treatments.

The student will study and experience different aspects of energetic dysfunctions and symptom manifestations. The instructor will guide and assist in all phases of diagnosis and treatment during the Clinical Theater and Internship phases.

$1,800.00 11