AMQ for DMQ graduates

08-26-2019 9:00 am - 08-30-2019 5:00 pm

This will be an advanced class open only to previous DMQ students who trained with Dr. Shannon at the ICMQ.

This 5-Day training will continue the advanced work that was begun in the last DMQ program and the January AMQ seminar.
We will review dynamic neigong integration within the Daoist 5 and clinical applications. From there, we will continue to delve into the Element qualities of Pre-Heaven energy (前天炁). We will explore truly being a vessel suspended between Heaven and Earth, allowing flow from a state of presence and openness (坤). We will continue to descend into and clear our Shadow material, thus allowing us to be more fully present in the here and more open to receiving and working with Divine Light (灵光).

This training will be held at the new Tennessee facility.

Registration is required.


AMQ: Advanced Medical Qigong

09-13-2019 9:00 am - 09-17-2019 5:00 pm
$1000 or $250 a day

This will be an advanced training.  It is designed for students of Dr. Shannon who have gone through at least the MQP program, but is open to students of other instructors with prior approval. 

In this advanced training we will focus on refining skillsets that are hopefully already familiar to the student. Medical qigong is a skill that requires decades of work to truly master.  By revisiting foundational skillsets and adding layers of refinement to them, the student of qigong has the opportunity to achieve a level of mastery not often seen in the west.  We are the only Medical Qigong school to offer such advanced training opportunities.

Students can attend the entire workshop, or come for $200 a day.

Registration is required


Meditation Retreat

09-21-2019 - 09-30-2019
Meditation Retreat

This 10-day meditation retreat will be held at our new training facility, located outside of Nashville, TN.   The property consists of 369 beautiful and secluded acres that allow for direct contact with all the elemental forces.  

This retreat is open to disciples of the Temple of Peace and Virtue and students (current or previous) of the ICMQ and IMCQ. Extended students (students of our students) are also invited.

Other participants may be allowed with permission.