Prayer Training

Big Eight Series: Purify the Heart 净心神咒 

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Daoist training
  • Level: Entry
  • Video time: 2+ hours
  • Audio: Almost 2 hours on 4 tracts 
  • Access: 90 days

Course overview
Purify the Heart (Jìng Xīn Shén Zhòu 淨心神咒 ) is the first of the Big Eight Incantations of the Morning and Evening Prayers. It is the groundwork upon which subsequent Daoist prayers are built.  

Purify the Heart purifies and transforms the mind, emotions, spirit, and body while purging turbid thoughts and emotions. This prayer allows the practitioner to enter a state of tranquility and stillness as it balances the body’s five elements.  

Without a foundation solidly in place, our journey will be without merit and true tranquility will be elusive.


Purify the Heart is simple yet very powerful prayer. This incantation stabilizes and settles thoughts and the spirit of the heart. Purifying and transforming, it clears turbid, disturbing, and malevolent thoughts and energy, helping to protect the Hún 魂 and Pò 魄.

In addition to the cleaning and purification which takes place, it brings into alignment the Five Elements and places the heart in its rightful position as emperor/empress. This incantation allows practitioners to enter a state of tranquility and enables them to envision the heart of the Dào.
In coming to alignment there will be changes. This prayer sedates the acquired mind and allows the congenital mind dominion. The differential between the acquire and congenital minds are significant. Our normal functioning consciousness of talking, driving, texting, etc. is considered ‘acquired’ because we learn about it through our five senses. The congenital mind is one of vastness and is comprised of who you truly are: your higher-self, and your innate spiritual nature. The congenital mind is one of stillness which is a stark contrast to the acquired mind - a constant internal dialogue.
Thus, in coming to alignment the acquired mind must relinquish control, which means instead of engaging reality with our egoic self, we interact with reality from vast stillness . This allows us to be focused and centered when with people, or in stressful situations.
Purify the Heart can be recited whenever you feel emotional, stressed, or if you feel that your heart is unstable. This will help restore your center.
For mystical practitioners, it prepares our heart, mind, and body to use talismans and other rites.

What's included?

Lecture - 2 hours

The lecture details the prayer character by character and line by line to convey an understanding not just of the literal translation but a deeper underlying meaning.

Recitation Practice - 20 and 40 minute Moderate Pace

These are 20 and 60 minute recitation practices at a moderate pace. This will guide someone familiar with the prayer to deeper levels of awareness. 

Pronunciation - Audio

This recording provides a single slow repetition of the prayer to elucidate the proper tones of the characters.

Written Prayer

This will have Chinese characters, pinyin, literal translation, and my interpretation of the prayer.

Recitation Practice - 20 minute Slow Pace

This recording is a 20 minute recitation practice at a slow pace. This will help entrain the energy for those new to this prayer. 


You will have 90 days of access to all the material.
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