Prayer Training

Big Eight Series: Purify the Body 净身神咒

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Daoist training
  • Level: Entry
  • Video time: 2 hours
  • Audio: Almost 2 hours on 4 tracts 
  • Access: 90 days
  • Handouts: 2

Course overview
Purify the Body (净身神咒 jīng shēn shén zhòu) is the third of the Big Eight Morning Prayers 八大神咒.  

This prayer aids in clearing challenges, disharmonies, and maladies of the physical, energy, and spirit bodies.  

Negative thought-forms are cleared from their source. The sense of feeling stuck is ameliorated.  

This prayer is not only used to clear the bodies but also as a protection prayer.


This prayer begins by invoking The Respected Celestial Numinous Treasure (灵宝天尊 Líng Bǎo Tiān Zūn). In short, Ling Bao Tian Zun is the second in the Daoist Trinity and was formed from The Respected Celestial Primordial Lord of Heaven (元始天尊 Yuán Shǐ Tiān Zūn). One of Ling Bao Tian Zun’s primary functions was to create Yin and Yang and thus, duality. More on this is explained in the lecture. 

In the first two quartets of the prayer, we are invoking deity and are requesting to be bathed in Divine Light (神光洗身 shén guāng xǐ shēn). This Light is very obvious, which is the power of the immortals, to wash your energy and spirit bodies, removing all the unwanted elements.

In the prayer we are also using Immortal Qi to refine our form (仙氣煉形 xiān qì liàn xíng). As we recite this prayer, our body is charged by the Immortals. In this action, you are not only removing unneeded or turbid energies from your body but also positively charged energy is nourishing and beginning to reshape and transform your bodies back to what they should be, the True Body (真身 Zhēn shēn).

This prayer may also be used at the close of a day to “dust off” any pollution you picked up throughout the day. It is recommended that this prayer be used as daily hygiene, similar to washing your hands. 

What's included?

Lecture - 2 hours 

The lecture details the prayer character by character and line by line to convey an understanding not just of the literal translation but a deeper underlying meaning.

Recitation Practice - 20 and 40 minute Moderate Pace

These are 20 and 60 minute recitation practices at a moderate pace. This will guide someone familiar with the prayer to deeper levels of awareness. 

Pronunciation - Audio

This recording provides a single slow repetition of the prayer to elucidate the proper tones of the characters.

Written Prayer

This will have Chinese characters, pinyin, literal translation, and my interpretation of the prayer.

Recitation Practice - 20  minute Slow Pace

This recording is a 20 minute recitation practice at a slow pace. This will help entrain the energy for those new to this prayer. 


You will have 90 days of access to all the material.

What our learners say

I was pleasantly surprised to experience an intense quality of Qi during Shifu's teaching even though the instruction occurred in a Zoom classroom.

It was quite extraordinary and again, unexpected. It did indeed provide me with a sense of community.
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