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Big Eight Series: Venerating the Three Treasures 三皈依

Thursday, October 10, 2024, 4 - 6pm CT

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Daoist training
  • Level: Entry
  • Video time: 2 hours
  • Audio: Almost 2 hours on 4 tracts 
  • Access: 90 days
  • Handouts: 2

Course overview
Venerating the Three Treasures 三皈依 (sān guī yī), is the last of the Daoist morning prayers and thus the closing to the Big Eight Morning Prayers 八大神咒.  

This prayer is a profound and sacred invocation that emphasizes devotion and reverence towards the Three Treasures of Daoism: the Dao, the Scriptures, and the Master.  

Venerating the Three Treasures is a beautiful expression of faith and dedication, aiming for spiritual liberation and enlightenment not only for oneself but for all sentient beings.


The Three Treasures of Daoism are the Dao, the Scriptures, and the Master.

Through sincere devotion and practice, practitioners affirm their commitment to the Daoist path, embodying the compassionate and expansive spirit of Daoism. The essence of Daoist practice is encapsulated in this prayer, which seeks harmony with the Dao, the wisdom of the scriptures, and the guidance of authentic teachers.

The first treasure is 道宝 (dào bǎo), the Treasure of the Dao. The Dao, often translated as The Way, is the ultimate principle that underlies and permeates the universe in Daoist philosophy. It represents the natural order and the source of all existence. This signifies a commitment to aligning oneself with this fundamental principle, seeking harmony, balance, and unity with the cosmos.

The second treasure is 经宝 (jīng bǎo), the Treasure of the Scriptures. Daoist scriptures are revered texts that contain the teachings and wisdom of the Dao. They guide practitioners in understanding the nature of reality, ethical conduct, and spiritual practices. Studying and embodying these teachings signifies a commitment to using them as a spiritual roadmap. 

The third treasure is 师宝 (shī bǎo), meaning Treasure of the Master. Seen as embodiments of the Dao’s wisdom and as essential companions on the spiritual path, A Master Teacher is a vital figure in Daoism, providing guidance, instruction, and inspiration. Commitment to such a teacher signifies a dedication to learning from and following the guidance of these awakened individuals.

Advanced Daoist practitioners may use this prayer in combination with various rituals, meditation techniques, and invocations.

What's included?

Lecture - 2 hours 

Beyond the literal translation lie deeper meanings. This lecture offers line by line translations which seek to convey the richness within the scriptures. 

Recitation Practice - 20 and 60 minute Moderate Pace

These are 20 and 60 minute recitation practices at a moderate pace. As you become familiar with the prayer, this will guide you towards deeper levels of awareness.

Pronunciation - Audio

This recording provides a single slow repetition of the prayer to ensure clarity of tones for the characters.

Written Prayer

Complete with Chinese characters, pinyin, a literal translation, and a Master Teacher’s interpretation of the prayer.

Recitation Practice - 20  minute Slow Pace

This slow paced, 20 minute recitation practice helps those new to the prayer to embrace the energy.


You will have a full 90 days to explore and embody this beautiful practice.
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