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Big Eight Series: Purify Heaven and Earth  净天地神咒

Thursday, June 13, 2024, 4 - 6pm CT

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Daoist training
  • Level: Entry
  • Video time: 2 hours
  • Audio: Almost 2 hours on 4 tracts 
  • Access: 90 days
  • Handouts: 2

Course overview
Purify Heaven and Earth  (净天地神咒 jīng tiān dì shén zhòu) is the fifth of the Big Eight Morning Prayers 八大神咒. 

This prayer holds immense power in purifying the surroundings, cleansing the mind, and harmonizing the energy of the universe. 

At its core, it invokes the sacred forces of Heaven and Earth, calling upon their divine essence to cleanse and purify the practitioner's body, mind, and spirit. It is recited with reverence and sincerity, tapping into the interconnectedness of all things and aligning oneself with the natural flow of the cosmos.


This ancient prayer, steeped in symbolism and reverence for the natural world, serves as a powerful tool for inner purification, alignment with the cosmic forces, and harmonization of the self with the Dao.

The prayer begins with the invocation of Heaven (天 tiān), representing the celestial realm and the source of all creation. Heaven represents the ultimate source of all existence, the primordial force from which the universe emanates and the infinite wisdom that resides within it. In Daoist cosmology, Heaven is not merely a physical realm but a dynamic and ever-present presence that governs the unfolding of reality. By invoking Heaven, practitioners seek to align themselves with its divine order, tapping into its boundless wisdom and benevolent influence.

Similarly, the prayer then invokes Earth (地 dì), the terrestrial realm that nurtures and sustains life. Earth represents the grounding and stabilizing energy of the natural world.
It recognizes the Earth as the foundation of life, providing sustenance and support to all living beings. In Daoist philosophy, Earth is revered as a nurturing mother, embodying the principles of receptivity, fertility, and transformation. Through this invocation, practitioners connect with the earth's vital energy, grounding themselves in the present moment and fostering a deep sense of rootedness and stability.

As the prayer unfolds, it invokes the sacred spirits (神 shén) that inhabit Heaven and Earth, acknowledging their benevolent presence and seeking their assistance in the process of purification. In Daoism, spirits are seen as manifestations of the Dao, embodying its various aspects and functions. By invoking spirits forces, practitioners seek to cultivate a harmonious relationship with the spiritual realm, fostering inner peace, and enlightenment.

Moreover, the prayer serves as a bridge between the microcosm and the macrocosm, aligning the individual with the cosmic forces that govern the universe. Through its recitation, practitioners attune themselves to the natural rhythms of creation, harmonizing their inner landscape with the vast expanse of the cosmos. In this state of alignment, they experience a profound sense of peace, wholeness, and interconnectedness with all of existence.

In conclusion, the 净天地神咒 stands as a timeless testament to the depth and richness of Daoist spirituality. Through its invocation of Heaven and Earth, its reverence for the sacred spirits, and its transformative power, the prayer offers practitioners a profound pathway to inner purification, spiritual awakening, and alignment with the Dao. As they engage in this sacred practice, they embody the timeless wisdom of the sages, walking the path of harmony and balance in communion with the living cosmos.

Advanced Daoist practitioners may use this prayer in combination with various rituals, meditation techniques, and invocations designed to connect with the energy of Heaven and Earth.

What's included?

Lecture - 2 hours 

The lecture details the prayer character by character and line by line to convey an understanding not just of the literal translation but a deeper underlying meaning.

Recitation Practice - 20 and 40 minute Moderate Pace

These are 20 and 60 minute recitation practices at a moderate pace. This will guide someone familiar with the prayer to deeper levels of awareness. 

Pronunciation - Audio

This recording provides a single slow repetition of the prayer to elucidate the proper tones of the characters.

Written Prayer

This will have Chinese characters, pinyin, literal translation, and my interpretation of the prayer.

Recitation Practice - 20  minute Slow Pace

This recording is a 20 minute recitation practice at a slow pace. This will help entrain the energy for those new to this prayer. 


You will have 90 days of access to all the material.
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