Sean Laflamme, DMQ, LAc.
Laflamme Qigong Centre
Laflamme Qigong Centre
456 Saint-Joseph East,
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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Miscellaneous Information:
Classes, Workshops, Remote Treatments, Acupuncture
In 1994, Sean began his formal studies of Chinese Medicine as well as his exploration of qigong. He has since had the privilege of accompanying many people on their transformational healing journeys. As a qigong teacher, Sean endeavours to bridge the gap between ancient teachings and a modern audience. Placing great importance on the preservation and transmission of this sacred knowledge, he firmly believes in time-honoured practices and traditions that continue to validate their importance as they resonate deeply within those who explore it.As an acupuncturist, Sean helps with patient awareness as to how they themselves can participate in improving their energy. Versed in dietetics and helbology, he is capable of making recommendations according to Chinese Medicine.
Sean has travelled extensively in the United States as well as in China to deepen his knowledge as well as his practices. Here is a short resumé of his credentials:
  • DMQ (China), Doctor of Medical Qigong, from the International Institute of Medical Qigong (USA) and the Beijing Western Medical Qigong Science and T.C.M. Research Institute (China) - 2012
  • DTCM (China), Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, from the Beijing Western Medical Qigong Science and T.C.M. Research Institute (China) - 2012
  • Licensed acupuncturist, member of the Quebec order of acupuncturists l’Ordre des Acupuncteurs du Québec (Canada) - 1997 to present
  • Certified Inner Radiance Qigong Instructor and Teacher Trainer
  • Certified member of the National Qigong Association (USA)