Journey into Stillness and Clarity: 4 Day Daoist Retreat

Journey into Stillness and Clarity: 4 Day Daoist Retreat

4-Day Daoist Retreat
Thursday - Sunday, December 14 - 17, 2023
This training will be held both in-person at the Temple in Tennessee and online via Zoom.

The Dao cannot be taught. It can only be experienced. 

In order to experience the Dao we must quiet our mind. While there are many ways to find the stillness of mind, the Qingjing Jing is a profound aid to our coming into this stillness. In order to experience true quiet and peace we must restore harmony to the yin and yang in our body by relinquishing desire and eliminating overthinking. This is what the Qingjing Jing imparts.

清 qīng means clear or pure. 静 jìng means quiet or still. 经 jīng means scripture or classic. Thus, the Qingjing Jing 清静经 can be translated as the Scripture of Stillness and Clarity.

The Qingjing Jing is considered one of the most important texts in the Daoist religion. it is comprised of some 390 Chinese characters in 90 verses.

This scripture awakens something deep and still within.
This profundity is both unsettling and serene.

Unsettling as preconceptions are shattered.
Serene in the vastness of clarity, silence, and space.
It evokes unfathomable shifts of consciousness.

In this retreat, we will begin the exploration of the Qingjing Jing as we share:

  • Each character; its meaning; 
  • Each phrase; its meaning; 
  • Look at the literal and intent behind; and
  • Compare this to several other translations to grasp a greater context.

As the Scripture is “chunked” out, we will have practices to reinforce the text allowing the work to go deeper.

 There will be one afternoon solely for priests for specific training and empowerment. Dizi and Tudi participants will be given practices to partake in during this time.

 Recordings of each day will be made available for a limited time for all registered.

 Open to all who have taken MQP1: Introduction to Medical Qigong or similar.

Thursday - Sunday, December 14 - 17, 2023
9:00 am - 12:00 pm and 2:00 - 5:00 pm CT

As there are two ways to attend (in person vs online) please choose the appropriate registration Link below.

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Event Properties

Event Date 12-14-2023 9:00 am
Event End Date 12-17-2023 5:00 pm
Individual Price In person $800; via Zoom $600
Location International Medical Qigong College

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