Monthly Daoist Training 道学

Monthly Daoist Training 道学
All are welcome at the Online Monthly Dizi Training
In these trying times, we have been unable to get together as a community in some time.
I have felt this disconnect with you and have been hoping things would have returned to "normal" by now.
Join us for these gatherings as we have:
  • Scripture study (经学 )
  • Dao talk (论道 )
  • Inner cultivation (内修)
Dizi: 2nd Thursday monthly
4:00 - 6:00pm CST
$50 via Zoom
The Online Monthly Dizi classes are designed for our Dizi students and initiates, but are open to all who are interested.
We are also holding Online Monthly Daoshi classes for our ordained priests.
Daoshi: 4th Thursday monthly
4:00 - 6:00pm CST
$50 via Zoom
Contact our office to be sent the invite for Daoshi classes.
Please note that our online classes are LIVE events only.  Recordings will not be made available.

Event Properties

Event Date 11-09-2023 4:00 pm
Event End Date 11-09-2023 6:00 pm
Individual Price $50.00
Location Online Class: CT Time Zone

Important Information about Online Classes

  • Important Info about all Online and Zoom Classes

    These events are LIVE only!
    Please note that all of our Zoom classes are LIVE events. Participants will not have access to recordings of the training for later use.
    There are many reasons for this. We are a very traditional school. We are used to teaching energetic medicine and cultivation to people with a wide range of experiences. We do this by teaching traditionally and experientially. We offer information, describe practices, and then have you experience those practices or skills. Dr. Shannon has always offered this experientially training in our onsite Medical Qigong and Daoist programs. He offers this same experience through Zoom. When you attend a seminar with Dr. Shannon, you are not just receiving information. You are receiving a transmission. In order to receive that transmission, you need to be there, with us, as the teaching occurs. Something special happens in that shared space.

    Refund Policy for Zoom Classes
    If you are unable to attend a Zoom training session with us, you must notify us at least 24 hours prior to the training in order to receive a refund. Many events will allow you to cancel automatically from your Confirmation Email.  This must be done at least 24 hours prior to the event.
    Refunds consist of the cost of the training minus a handling fee. This fee helps us recover the costs that PayPal charges us for processing both the payment and the refund. For US students, the refund handling fee is $20. For international students, it is $30.

    Registration information
    The Zoom center should send your your individualized link to the training immediately after you register. If you don’t receive it the same day that you register, please reach out to our office immediately for assistance.

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On site Daoist Training events are now posted on the Temple of Peace and Virtue website.