ICMQ is Moving!

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    2019 will be a year of many changes for us!   The Temple of Peace and Virtue was able to fulfill a long standing dream and purchased 325 secluded acres in rural Bradyville, Tennesee, about an hour southeast of Nashville. It is a beautiful and secluded property that allows for direct contact with all the elemental forces. We are very excited about this transition and the possibilities that it will offer for our students.
    We are hoping to move the Medical Qigong training facility to this new property in Tennessee for 2019.

    Please read more for information on our transition schedule.

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60 Hours of Clinical Practice must be logged and verified before the Medical Qigong Therapist Certificate can be awarded. These are hours in addition to the Clinical Practice hours required for the MQP program. 

Learning to become a Medical Qigong practitioner of any level requires practice. Every time you work with a client, the academic and theoretical knowledge gained in the Medical Qigong courses is put into practical application. Each Medical Qigong Program requires a certain number of Clinical Practice hours.  These are documented hours working with clients.  Once students have completed “P2 Introduction to Medical Qigong Assessment and Protocols”, they are expected to begin practicing the General Protocol. As students gain experience and attend more advanced courses, their knowledge of Medical Qigong will increase, as will their abilities to assess and work with more challenging cases.

Clinical Practice hours cannot not include hours spent working on fellow students within class, or hours spent during C1, C2, or C3 Clinical Internships. They can include hours spent working on fellow students after regular class hours.  An important part of learning to work with clients, however, is learning to adjust and learn from new situations, new people, and new issues.  For this reason, the student is strongly encouraged to work with a wide range of people while going through the Program. The student is expected to keep complete histories on clients, including client histories, protocols used, and self-care exercises.

Clinical Practice hours must be logged on the ICMQ Clinic Log form and signed by the practice clients. Once the required number of hours has been logged, the completed Clinic Logs should be turned into the Administrative Assistant.  Program certificates will not be issued until Clinical Practice hours are submitted.  Ideally, Clinic Practice hours are turned in before the final seminar is completed, however students have up to 12 months after the end of the program to submit Clinical Practice logs. Students who are not able to turn in their Clinical Practice hours within 12 months must file for an extension.

The ICMQ Clinic Log form and other sample forms are available in the Student section of the website or at Sample Forms.