This 5-day seminar is the culminating event of the MQP Program. In addition to working through comprehensive reviews of previous material, students are asked to integrate everything they have learned throughout the program to work with clients within the structure of a supervised on-site clinical internship.

The student will study and work with different aspects of energetic dysfunctions and symptom manifestations. During the Clinical Theater and Internship phase, the instructor will guide and assist in all phases of assessment and Qi Emission therapy.

Course content will also include:

  • Exploring case studies
  • Integrating advanced clinical modalities
  • Applying advanced assessment and advanced energetic modulation skills
  • Comprehensive academic and practical reviews of MQP theory and skillsets
  • Clinical Theater
  • Clinical Internship

Students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate all qigong exercises taught throughout the program, as well as discuss when each would be appropriate or contraindicated.
  • Utilize assessment techniques, analytical and energetic and use that information to provide a complex Medical Qigong protocol to a client, utilizing the appropriate secondary protocols, as well as various qi emission techniques
  • Teach Self Care exercises to a client based on that client’s individualized needs, as assessed energetically and analytically via intake information and information obtained during the General Protocol
  • Demonstrate and appropriately utilize all qi emission techniques and healing sound techniques taught throughout this program and be able to discuss when each would be appropriate or contraindicated

Prerequisite: All required seminars for MQP (P1 – P4);