In this fourth Seminar Medical Qigong students are introduced to advanced theories and modalities of internal organ protocols in order to develop a deeper comprehension of specific organ disorders as they pertain to Medical Qigong work. Students are taught the use of Medical Qigong Exercises and Meditations to be given as homework to clients. Secondary protocols are taught for each of the primary Yin organs, as well as for some disorders such as migraine headaches.

Students will have a deeper comprehension of specific organ diseases as they pertain to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Diagnosis, and Medical Qigong prescriptions. Emphasis will be placed on the practical clinical applications of Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy. Students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate the Hunyuan qigong exercises and clarify reasons each might be used.
  • Demonstrate Jing point therapy
  • Demonstrate secondary protocols for each of the Yin organs
  • Demonstrate the migraine protocol

Prerequisite: Medical Qigong Diagnosis and Treatments (P2)