This course is designed to introduce students to the Study of the Daoist internal and external alchemy including the natural power of the Three Treasures (Heaven, Earth, and Man) and the treasures or powers of each.

Course content will include:

  • A variety of practices to gather Heavenly energy from the sun, moon, and stars
  • Understanding the Earth’s Yin and Yang Interactions with Heaven
  • A variety of practices to gather the energies of the Earth from the soil, water, and wind
  • Gathering energy from Plants and Shen
  • The Wind’s Energetic Application
  • Wind as the Voice of Heaven
  • The Body’s Energetic Internal Structures
  • Prenatal and Postnatal Jing, Qi and Shen
  • The Influences of Energy, Food and Diet on the Human Body
  • The Five Spiritual Aspects of the 5 Yin Organs
  • Advanced Shengong Cultivation Methods
  • The 6 Transportation’s of Shen
  • The 8 Supernatural Powers
  • Soul Projection, Spirit Projection and Energy Projection.

Students will have a deeper comprehension of the body's physical, emotional, mental and energetic relationship to the universal and environmental energetic fields.

Prerequisite: Medical Qigong Therapist Certification

  • You have a relaxed and comfortable teaching style that creates and environment that allows learning to become a creative dialogue.
    Dr. Denise Douglass White, DMQ
  • Dr. Shannon is very gifted at reading people and changing his approach to meet each person where they are at.
    Catherine White, MMQ, Dip ABT
  • You are patient, funny, and generous with what you teach. It is obvious that you really want your students to learn– and are not just presenting material.
    Dr. Dawn Meltzer, DMQ, L.Ac.
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