Course Content:

  • Pathology of the brain
  • The Brain detects emitted Qi
  • Etiology of brain tumor formations
  • Benign brain tumors: meningiomas
  • Brain tumors: gliomas, craniopharyngiomas; intraventricular; and in the pineal region
  • Treatment protocols for brain tumors; pituitary tumors; hypothalamus and pineal tumor; and brain tumor metastasis
  • Etiology and treatment protocol of esophageal cancer




  • During the MMQ, we were exposed to prescriptive exercises and meditations and we thought we ‘knew’ them but the way you taught us the Neigong behind the exercises has made a tremendous difference. For example, the Neigong you added to “Pulling down the Heavens” connected me with Heaven, as well as, grounded and rooted me in the Earth so solidly that when I started my practice I immediately felt Qi streaming through me.
    Dr. Woody Swartz, MMQ, DOM After taking DMQ seminar
  • Once the Neigong was introduced to the exercises, they became alive. I feel like this has changed my life. This is what I have been yearning for. I don't have the words for how deeply grateful I am for you, and for what you have brought us. Namaste.
    Dava, MMQ, L.Ac After taking DMQ seminar
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