ICMQ is Moving!

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    2019 will be a year of many changes for us!   The Temple of Peace and Virtue was able to fulfill a long standing dream and purchased 325 secluded acres in rural Bradyville, Tennesee, about an hour southeast of Nashville. It is a beautiful and secluded property that allows for direct contact with all the elemental forces. We are very excited about this transition and the possibilities that it will offer for our students.
    We are hoping to move the Medical Qigong training facility to this new property in Tennessee for 2019.

    Please read more for information on our transition schedule.

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In the clinical externship, the academic and theoretical knowledge gained in the medical qigong courses gets put into practical application. The objective is for the student to become confident in diagnosing and treating patients, as well as creating and maintaining accurate clinical records.

After completing “Introduction to Diagnosis and Treatments” (P2), the student should begin treating clients and gaining clinical experience. As students gain experience and attend more advanced courses, their knowledge of medical qigong will increase as will their abilities to diagnose and treat more challenging cases.

Each program certification requires a certain number of clinical hours.  These are documented hours treating clients.  They do not include hours spent working on fellow students within class, or hours spent during Community Clinics, or Clinical Internship during finals week (C1, C2, or C3 programs). They can include hours spent working on fellow students after regular class hours.  An important part of learning to work with clients, however, is learning to adjust and learn from new situations, new people, and new issues.  So the student is strongly encouraged to treat a wide range of people while going through the program.

Previous to completing certification for MQP, MQT, MMQ, or DMQ,  the student must provide copies of completed Clinic Logs (verifying clinic hours), a sample of patient histories, and case studies.

The student is expected to keep complete histories on patients,  including patient histories, treatments, and prescription exercises. Samples of appropriate “Patient Intake” and “Patient History” forms are available in  the Student section or Sample Forms. The forms provided meet the minimum standard for use. If you currently already use one that is more detailed, you may continue to use it.

The provided “Informed Consent” template  meets the requirements for practitioners of Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) in California as set forth in California Senate Bill 577 (more off-site). Practitioners in other states or countries will need to research regulations within their particular jurisdiction.

For the Doctor of Medical Qigong Program, students are required to submit verification of at least 528 hours of clinical experience.  This is in addition to  hours already submitted for the MQP, MQT, and MMQ programs. 

 DMQ:  528 Hours


Medical Qigong Programs

  • Medical Qigong Practitioner (MQP)

    The MQP Program is a 200 hour Certificate program. Students are first taught Medical Qigong exercises that are designed to heal the body, calm the mind, and connect with spirit. Students then go on to learn the foundational Medical Qigong qi emission protocols used to restore balance and remediate disharmony in clients.  As the program progresses, students learn advanced theories of energy purgation, tonification, regulation and cultivation, as well as advanced Read More
  • Medical Qigong Therapist (MQT)

    The Medical Qigong Therapist (MQT) is a 555 hour Certificate Program that continues on where the MQP training left off. Students continue to deepen their knowledge and expertise in Medical Qigong by learning advanced assessment skills, remote work, and working with Qi deviations. Time is spent studying specialty areas such as Pediatrics, Geriatrics, Gynecology, Neurology, Psychology. We begin the work of integrating Medical Qigong practices within the context of Oncology. Read More
  • Medical Qigong Master (MQM)

    The MQM is a 1000 hour Program that builds on the foundation of the MQP and MQT programs.  Students delve into more advanced topics on energetic alchemy, energetic anatomy and physiology and gain a deeper understanding of integrating Medical Qigong practices within the context of Oncology. Many students report that this Program is the favorite part of their training at the ICMQ due to the emphasis on self-cultivation. Quite a Read More
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Online Training

In today's world of instant gratification, it has become almost the norm to offer online training.  We do not feel that online training is appropriate for our subject matter and consequently we do not offer any of our qigong training online.

Medical Qigong is an energetic practice that requires highly experiential training. We simply do not feel that it can be authentically taught in any way except in person. Our training methods are designed to give you direct experiences of complex theories. Throughout all of our training programs we present the relevant theory, and then, while that theoretical framework is still fresh in your mind, we give you an opportunity to experience that theory with tangible or energetic experiences. There is no substitute for this experience.