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china journey

October 6-20, 2017

This Journey is not a typical tour. As the name implies it is a journey not only to China but into yourself. This will be a journey of self discovery, insight, and study.

I am going to once again lead a journey to China open to all (no previous Daoist or Qigong training required). This Journey will introduce Daoism, its sacred practices, and the Chinese culture.

Join us as we delve into this realm of mystery, mysticism, and alchemy.

Please be mindful of the deadlines.
We have been very tolerant in the past to our detriment.

The Journey

We will begin our journey in Fujian Province on a famous Daoist Mountain. There, outside of Fuqing, we will visit Shizhu Mountain. Shizhu means “Stone Bamboo”, and is so named for the flourishing bamboos that grow amongst the scenic jagged rocks. The mountain rises 534 meters above the nearby sea. The area is famous for its scenic beauty, with precipitous peaks, queer crags, and deep caves amongst the verdant bamboo and pine forests. Among the scenic attractions of the area are the peaks of Purple Grinder, Lion, Elephant King, Zhuangyuan and Daughter of Dragon. Among the most famous caves are Purple Cloud Cave, Cave to the Heaven, Taoyuan Cave. Dongzhang Reservoir, with a vast expanse of blue water, lies at the foot of the mountain and the water reflects and counter balances the jagged beauty of the mountain and its rocks. .

Shizhu Temple is one of the attractions on Shizhu Mountain. Set on the cliff halfway up the southern range of the mountain, the Temple was built in 874 during the Tang Dynasty. It consists of a series of buildings, including the Nine Immortals Tower, the Jade Emperor Palace, Jialan Hall, Wenchang Pavilion, Temple of the Earth God, Guanyin Hall, and the Stone Buddha Palace. In the Han Dynasty (206 BC – AD 220), the He brothers from Fuzhou practiced austerities here and later became immortals. Legend says that one who stays overnight in the temple’s Jiuxian (Nine Immortals) Tower will have a beautiful dream and have all his or her wishes realized.  We will meet with Abbot Xie, the director of hte Fujian Daoist Association, and will have the opportunity to work and recieve training from one of their Priests.

From Fujian Province, we will travel to Sichuan province to stay at Qing Cheng Mountain.

We will stay at the base of Qing Cheng Shan where we will train daily with my root teacher Abbot Zhang Ming Xin. We will take several side trips while we are there. Many famous Daoists have cultivated at Qing Cheng Shan. Zhang Dao Ling, the founder of religious Daoism, spent many years on the mountain before moving to Long Hu Shan. Wang Chong Yang, the founder of Northern Daoism (Quan Zhen) established the monastery in 1200 A.D. and remained as the resident Abbot until his death. Also, the Immortal, Lu Dong Bin, achieved the “Dao” and became an Immortal while meditating in the Immortal’s Cave at Qing Cheng Shan.

Known for its lush green environment, the mountain exudes a profound sense of yin. If you open yourself to the mountain, you may forever be changed. People have said training at Qing Cheng Shan is a “journey of the heart”.

The Host

Dr. Bernard Shannon

Dr. Bernard Shannon is an internationally recognized teacher of Daoist cultivation, alchemical and mystical practices; medical qigong therapy; and martial concepts. He has trained in martial, medical, and spiritual qigong for over twenty years.

Dr. Shannon began his studies of internal alchemy and mysticism in the late 1980s with one of his martial arts instructors who was a master the Profound schools of alchemy and mysticism. Since that time, he has had many teachers, and he regularly travels to China to continue his training in both Northern and Southern schools of Daoist alchemy and mysticism.

Bernard has been taken as a formal Disciple (Dizi) at Mao Shan with the Shang Qing Branch of Zheng-Yi Daoism, at LongHu Shan with the Tian Shi Branch of Zheng-Yi Daoism, and at Qing Cheng Shan with the Long Men Branch of Quan Zhen Daoism. In 2005, he was ordained as a Daoist Priest at the 900 year anniversary of the Tian Shi Fu (Celestial Master’s Mansion). In 2009 at his root Monestary at Qing Cheng Shan, he was bestowed the post and title of Abbot (Zhu Chi) of the Temple of Peace and Virtue (An De Fu Shen Gong).

Since 2001 he has been to China over a twenty times and has lead many trips studying Medical Qigong, Daoist alchemy, and Daoist mysticism.


Abbot Zhang Ming Xin Abbot Zhang Ming Xin (Bright Heart) has been practicing Daoism since the age of 15. She is a 20th generation Long Men Sect (Dragon’s Gate Sect) of the Quan Zhen Branch (Complete Reality) of Daoism; the Chief Master at Jian Fu Gong at Qing Cheng Mountain; the Director of the Cheng Du (city) Daoist Association; the Director of the Si Chuan (provincial) Daoist Association; and the Deputy Directory of the China Daoist Association. Her knowledge, compassion, and willingness to share have made Abbot Zhang a sought after resource for Daoist thought, alchemy, and mystical training. I am honored to call her one of my teachers.


Day 1  10/6/17   USA to Beijing

Leave San Franscisco International Airport

Day 2 10/7/17  Beijing —Fuzhou—Fuqing

Arrive Beijing International Airport and continue to Fuzhou.  From Fuzhou Airport we will take a 1.5 hour bus ride to Fuqing.

Days 3-5 10/8-10/10 Fuqing

We will explore the scenic attractions of beautiful Shzhu Mountain, including the famous Shizhu Temple.

Day 6 10/11 Fuqing—Fuzhou—Chengdu—Mt Qing Cheng

Bus from Fuqing to Fuzhou Airport.  Fly to Chengdu Airport.  From there it is a relatively short bus ride to Mt Qing Cheng.

Days 7-11 10/12—10/16 Qing Cheng Mountain

We will spend part of our days training and meeting with Abbot Zhang Ming Xin.  There will be time to explore the many Temples and paths that adorn Mt Qing Cheng and take side journeys to other nearby attractions.

 Day 12 10/17 Mt Qing Cheng—Chengdu—Beijing

Bus back to Chengdu Airport where we will catch a flight to Beijing.

 Days 13-14 10/18-10/19 Beijing

 Explore the many attractions of Beijing

Day 15 10/20 Beijing—Home 

The Journey ends.

Journey into Daoism Fall 2017

Registration Information

Registration Form

You may fax, email or mail the Registration form to:

Temple of Peace and Virtue
PO Box 1435
Palm Desert, CA 92261
Fax (800) 848-0649 or (760) 228-9474

It is recommended that you fax or email your application.

If you mail your registration form in, you MUST also email our office to notify our administrative staff that we need to look for your application.  Please use Contact Button at the bottom of the page for this.

Fees & Deadlines

Double Occupancy:  $5000 US Dollars
Single Occupancy:    $5700 US Dollars
Deposit: By August  11th, a nonrefundable deposit of $1000 is required to guarantee your place.
Balance: Due NO LATER THAN September 8th.
Cost does not include international travel or tourist visa to China.The hotels are double occupancy unless single room supplement is purchased.

If you would like to share a room with a friend or acquaintance that will be on the trip, please make the note on the registration form. Otherwise, we will attempt to pair you with another traveler. If we cannot pair you with someone else, you will be required to pay the single room rate

Tour may be tax deductible, ask your accountant.


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What you need to do:

  • Send us your Registration Form and $1000  nonrefundable deposit by August 11th.
  • Purchase your international ticket (see Transportation below for information)
  • Get a passport
    • SIGN your passport.  You will not be allowed to use it if you do not.
  • Get a Tourist visa to China (China now offers 10-year Visas for the same price as 1-year Visas for US Citizens.)
    • To get a VISA you will need copies of your Passport, proof of airline ticket, and hotel reservations.
    • Once we receive your Registration, we will send you hotel information to use for this purpose.
    • To get your VISA, take the following to a Chinese Consulate or send to an online service:
  • Send us your flight information as soon as you have booked tickets (Fax or email)
  • Send us a copy of the image page of your passport (Fax or email)

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What's Covered

  • All intra-China transportation
  • All accommodations in China
  • All meals (3 meals per day), excluding lunches while in Beijing on personal time.
  • All tips for teachers, guides, and drivers
  • All training costs

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What's Not Covered

  • Airfare to and from San Francisco
  • International Airfare from San Francisco to Beijing
  • Visa to China ($130 if you go to a Consulate or about $170 if you use an on-line service)
  • Personal expenses in China. For example: Hotel amenities, mini bar, room service, laundry service, and telephone/fax usage.

  • Trip cancellation insurance
  • Excess luggage weight charges by airline (50 lbs. maximum weight per checked luggage). You are allowed two (2) checked pieces of luggage, one (1) carry-on, and a personal (purse, laptop).
  • On flights in China, you are allowed two (2) checked pieces of luggage (50 lbs maximum, not per bag), one (1) carry-on, and a personal item (purse, laptop, small backpack).
  • Extra mealtime alcoholic beverages not included in planned meals
  • Lunches while in Beijing on personal days.
  • Medical expenses

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Travel Documents

All travelers must hold a valid passport whose expiration is at least six months after the end of the trip. Your passport must be signed.
Visa applications fees to China are NOT included in the cost of the trip.  You must get your own VISA


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Travelers are responsible for their own international travel expenses. It is STRONGLY recommended that everyone take the same international flight.

Recommended arrival flight to Beijing:
United Airlines UA 888,
Leaving SFO San Francisco 10/6/17 11:00 AM and arriving PEK Beijing Airport 14:40 on 10/7/17.

If you are on another flight, you must be in Terminal 3 of Beijing International Airport by 17:00 10/7/17. 

Recommended departure flight from Beijing:
United Airlines UA 889
Leaving PEK Beijing at 12:00pm on 10/20/17 traveling to SFO.


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On flights in China, you are allowed two (2) checked pieces of luggage (20kgs / 44lbs maximum, not per bag), one (1) carry-on, and a personal item (purse, laptop, small backpack).

However, please try to limit your checked luggage to one. We recommend traveling as light as possible. Many travelers will bring one checked luggage and bring have a large duffle bag for the return flight to carry dirty clothes and other non-breakable things, while using there suitcase for fragile items purchased in China. See Packing List (PDF, 43 Kb) for helpful ideas on what to pack. Keep suitcases unlocked at airports to facilitate inspections.

This trip is not overly strenuous. Although there will be a moderate amount of walking and physical demands, how much hiking you do is your choice once we arrive at Qing Cheng Shan.


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Cancellation Insurance

It is strongly recommended that trip cancellation insurance be purchased to protect you against losses due to accidents and/or illness. Check with your insurance agent regarding coverage you may presently have via other insurance policies that may cover illness during your trip.


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Travel Tips

Exchange rate is approximately 6.00 RMB to $1 USD. Cash (or travelers checks) and a credit card are recommended. Also, many stores do not take credit cards; you can use them at bank to withdraw cash (with PIN). 

Dress in layers, it may be hot and is often rainy at Qing Chen. Check online for up-to-date weather reports.


Time Difference
China is 15 hours ahead of us.

Plan on dressing in layers. It may be cold in fall, and very hot in spring. It is often raining at Qing Cheng.

Please note that there is a dress code within the Temples.  Conservative clothing is required.  Shoulders must be covered—no tank tops.  Pants and skirts must come below the knee. 

If this is a trip for Daoist students, it is expected that you will wear Daoist uniforms.  This includes Daoist jacket, pants, and "scarf" hat.  Robes are to be worn if you will be participating in ceremony. 

  • Shoes (2 pairs - 1 for walking, 1 for working out)
  • Socks
  • Underwear
  • Shirts
  • Pants (comfortable for training


  • Jacket or Sweatshirt
  • Outerwear (gortex jacket, etc)
  • Gloves
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Toilet paper (there is often none)
  • Soap
  • Shampoo / Conditioner
  • Razor / Shaving cream
  • Toothbrush / Tooth paste
  • Feminine products
  • Hair Dryer
  • Q-tips
  • Comb
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellent

To keep on you:

  • Handy wipes
  • Purell hand gel
  • Small packs of tissue
  • Lip Balm/moisturizer 
 First Aid  
  •  Antacids (TUMS / Pepto)
  • Anti-Diarrhea (Imodium AD)
  • Band aids
  • Alcohol Swabs
  • Neosporin
  • Digestive Enzymes 
  •  Video camera
  • Camera (Extra memory cards)
  • CD player/walkman
  • Power Converter (necessary to run any equipment
    from the US)
  • Day /Backpack / Fanny pack
  • Notebook /Pens
  • Laundry detergent
  • Travel alarm clock
  • Money belt / Passport Pouch
  • Lonely Planet “Mandarin Phrasebook”
  • Phone card
  • Small locks for luggage
  • Earplugs
  • Inflatable neck pillow
  • Eyeshades 
  • Bubble wrap/duct tape (for packing items)
  • Tubes for transporting calligraphy/artwork
  • Travel sized sewing kit
  • Zip lock bags
  • Energy bars
  • Dried fruit
  • Nuts
  • Granola
  • Breath mints
  • Vitamins/Supplements
  • Teas/coffee
  • Chocolate, treats
  • Medications
  • Herbal remedies/Essential oils
Phone Apps  
  • Chinese language apps (Pleco)
  • Money conversion apps
  • Airline apps

Shizhu Mountain

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FQ rooflines250x188
FQ cliffs250x188



Qing Cheng Mountain

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